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The OSMRE Appalachian Region (AR) website allows users to find information quickly and easily, and applies a consistent look and feel to the bureau’s web pages. The website incorporates several new features to make AR's website easier to navigate and user-friendly.

These enhancements include, but aren't limited to: a core navigation system, site directory of major links within the site, secondary breadcrumb navigation, and compatibility with mobile devices. The site also adopts certain branding elements (e.g., an OSMRE header and footer that appears at the top/bottom of each page) that establish a common visual “identity” for the bureau’s web presence.Screen capture of AR's new website.

Features and Enhancements:

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About the Appalachian Region Website

The Header

The new OSMRE header is an important branding component of our new website and OSMRE's presence as a whole. It is the first thing the viewer sees, and it indicates that what he or she is looking at is an OSMRE product.

Website header.

The header contains the bureau's name and logo, as well as, the following two key website tools:

1. The 'All OSMRE Websites' Dropdown

This dropdown menu grants the user one-click access to any OSMRE website.

2. The Search Bar

This feature allows you to search whichever website is currently being viewed. In the sample image above, the viewer is searching

Clicking the OSMRE logo (located in the upper-left corner of the header) will always bring you back to the bureau's homepage.

The Wave

Under the header lies the top section of the web page, called "The Wave".

Website wave graphic element.

1. Wave Graphic

Within "The Wave" is a graphic that is unique to each OSMRE National and Regional site. The graphic mirrors the color scheme for that particular website. This allows the individual website to maintain a unified web presence for the bureau, while having a unique color scheme to distinguish it from other OSMRE sites.


We have improved our navigation by adding three features to make OSMRE AR's website user-friendly and easier to use:

1. Global NavigationWebsite navigation.

The “global navigation” feature is a bar that runs horizontally across the top of the page. Items within the bar remain the same regardless of the page being viewed. Clicking on the items in the navigation bar will allow you to access quickly and easily most of the content on the OSMRE website. When a given page is being viewed, the navigation button highlights the category under which that page has been placed.

2. Breadcrumb Trail

To keep track of where you are within OSMRE’s website, we have added a "breadcrumb trail" that locates a given page within the site's hierarchy. This trail displays the specific path to the page being viewed to provide an idea of how our website is organized.

3. The Aside

Located along the left side of the page is the Aside. At the top of the Aside section, you will find one of the global navigation headings being displayed, along with the supporting links associated with that particular section of the website.

Under the aside's main navigation heading and supporting links resides a list of related items. These items link to additional resources and information that pertain to the current page being viewed.

4. The Aside Accordion

In certain instances, you will notice arrows next to certain items within the Aside column. If you click on an arrow, an expanded menu will appear with additional page links related to that topic. Click on the arrow again, to close the expanded menu.

Page Features

In addition to improving the navigation of our site, we have improved its readability as well. Below are a few new features designed to make the content easy to read, find, and print.


Website page tools.

Within each page, in the upper-right corner, we have placed a small toolbar with three icons. The first, a series of three “A”s, allows you to increase or decrease the size of the type on the page. The second icon is a bookmark. Some browsers do not support the use of bookmark buttons. If that is the case, use the keyboard command "Ctrl + D" to quickly bookmark any given page. The third icon, a printer, allows you to print the page.


Buttons have been implemented throughout the site to quickly and easily take you to other OSMRE websites, services, and products.

1. Page Accordions

Page accordions' Show All/Hide All button.Similar to the Aside, accordions have also been implemented throughout the content of the site's pages. Accordions help organize the page information and to allow for easier navigation between major topics when reading the content.

You can click on an individual arrow to show/hide that section, or simply click on the "Show All/Hide All" button to display or hide ALL accordion information available that page.Website page features.

2. Point of Contact

Toward the bottom-left side of each page is an area listing a Section Point of Contact. This is the person (or program, office, etc.) within OSMRE to contact if you have any questions or concerns relating to the content of that page.

3. Return to Top

To eliminate the need to manually scroll back up to the top of any given page, we have added a "Return to Top" link that will quickly scroll users back up to the top. This time-saving feature is available in the bottom right corner every page (excluding the OSMRE AR home page).

4. Site Directory

Located just above the footer, the Site Directory is a quick way to view and access the predominant sections and pages on The Site Directory is on every page but is hidden by default. To open it, click on one of the down-pointing arrows.

Social Media

The new website features two social media toolbars: one appears at the top-right corner of the web page, under the header; the other resides within the Site Directory. The social media toolbars allows users access to OSMRE's social media sites, where one can follow the bureau on Twitter, like us on Facebook, share articles and pages, and more.

Website Coding and Browser Compatibility

HTML5 Logo CSS3 Logo Javascript Logo JQuery LogoModernizr Logo

The AR website is designed using the newest HTML5 and CSS3 specifications. These specifications include many new features and capabilities not found in previous versions, which means they are better able to work with touch-screen devices (e.g., tablets and smartphones). At this time, some browsers do not fully support all features included in these specifications. Currently, the redesigned website is best viewed in Google Chrome 29, Opera 16, Firefox 24, Safari 6.0, or Internet Explorer (IE) 10. The site will function with certain older browsers, but the aforementioned are the ideal. Viewers using versions older than IE8 are likely to encounter issues viewing the site.

This site also uses Javascript and Jquery. If you are experiencing interactivity issues, check to see if Javascript is turned on in your browser. You may have disabled Javascript, which could reduce the site's functionality.

Website displaying incorrectly?

If you are viewing this website in Internet Explorer and are experiencing problems such as the OSMRE Regional Map not displaying properly, first make sure that your version of Internet Explorer is 8 or higher. You can do this by clicking on "Settings" and then "About Internet Explorer." If you have a version that predates 8, you can update your browser at the Internet Explorer website.

If you have versions 8 or higher, you may not be viewing your websites in the standards of that version. You can correct this problem by opening Internet Explorer and clicking F12 to bring up the Developer Tools. A second window should pop up on your screen titled "Download - Internet Explorer - F12". On the far right of the main menu should be two options, "Browser Mode" and "Document Mode." Click on both of these options and choose the latest version available. Close out of this window.

If this has not corrected the problem you are having, please contact the Appalachian Region Website web master at

Webmaster's Message

This website is continually being developed. The site provides information that is frequently requested from the Appalachian Region of the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement.

Our goal is to use this web site as a principal mode of communication with the public. If you can't find the information you're looking for, need other file formats, or simply like what's presented, please let us know! We welcome your feedback, which will help us make our site even better. Please direct any feedback and comments to

Looking Ahead

The OSMRE AR redesigned site is only the beginning. Over the next few months, we will be applying the new look to all of OSMRE websites. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback, which will help us make our site even better. Please send comments to

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