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Technical Support Division

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Technical Support Division (TSD)

The Technical Support Division (TSD) is a group of geologists, hydrologists, ecologists, GIS specialists, technology transfer specialists, visual information specialists, engineers, and regulatory program experts providing technical services to OSMRE offices and the States in our Appalachian region implementing the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA).


TSD staff performs a wide variety of technical and program support:

  • Provide technical expertise to the Appalachia Region for hydrologic, ecological, engineering and geospatial critical needs and studies. Our work effort involves both the Title IV (Abandoned Mined Lands) and Title V (Regulatory) programs.
  • Review and draft approval documents for amendments to the states’ programs to ensure their programs are no less effective than the requirements in SMCRA and draft response to appeals and decisions.
  • Provide technical assistance to determine of the causation of damage to property, infrastructure, or environmental resources that may be due by mining activities.
  • Provide expert testimony in SMCRA enforcement and regulatory challenge cases.
  • Provide technical support to OSMRE’s Technical Innovation and Professional Services, “TIPS”, system of computer, technical software and the current field technologies.
  • Provide instructors for specialized courses for OSMRE’s TIPS and National Technical Training Programs.
  • Conduct the Technology Transfer initiative to disseminate technical information to our stakeholders in encourage innovative approaches to improve mine reclamation.
  • Conduct technical studies involving specific mining issues (e.g., mountaintop mining, acid mine drainage, underground mine flooding, biological impairment of streams, pollutional impacts from acid-forming materials, etc.) and OSMRE “oversight” efforts.

Branches within TSD

  • Engineering Services and Technology Transfer Branch (ESTTB)

    • The Engineering Services and Technology Transfer Branch (ESTTB) is composed of scientists and engineers of varying backgrounds. ESTTB provides technical support and technology transfer to our customers: the state regulatory authorities, the OSMRE Field Offices, OSMRE Headquarters, and academia. ESTTB is committed to objective and quality science. Technical expertise is available in the following fields: civil and mining engineering, blasting, and soil science. Read More >
  • State and Federal Programs Branch (SFPB)

    • The State and Federal Programs Branch (SFPB) functions include processing State program amendments, analyzing policy issues related to the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) and other State and Federal laws; preparing decisions on informal reviews of Ten-Day Notices (TDN) and citizen complaint appeals for the Appalachian Region; and participating in the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative. Read More >
  • Water, Geological & Geospatial Branch (WGGB)

    • The Water, Geological & Geospatial Branch (WGGB) provides technical assistance to our customers: OSMRE Headquarters and Field Offices, other Federal agencies, State Regulatory Authorities, local governments, non-Government organizations, academia, professional organizations, and the public. WGGB is composed of scientists and technical experts of varying backgrounds. WGGB technical expertise is available in the following fields: acid and toxic mine drainage and remediation, geographic information system (GIS), geochemistry, geology, geomorphology, geotechnical, hydrology, remote sensing, and imagery processing. Read More >

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